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Analytical - curious - stirring

Your future thinker

20 years of management experience at Deutsche Lufthansa, TUI, Pricewaterhouse-Coopers

Award-winning journalist Stuttgarter Nachrichten, columnist brandeins, specialist author and European speech champion 2017

Certified coach for medium-sized companies (Vistage International), communication and appearance consultant

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About me

Are you looking for an exciting future impulse for yourself, your customers or managers? Someone who can soberly classify the time and take a balanced look at the next few years? Someone who helps people and companies to find their way in the digital-artificial-intelligent world? My professional life was dominated by questions about the future, the compulsion to throw good habits overboard and to answer old patterns of thought in history. Analytical, curious, captivating - that is the unique mix in my lectures with which I give you and your company, your organization or your team new impulses in order to always be one step ahead of others. And to think what others can't even dream of.

"When artificial intelligence and robotic always

to do and solve more tasks

the role of man be redefined "

My business card

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My accomplishments

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Keynote Speaking

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In a confidential conversation, things can be sensibly deepened. You book me for leadership and communication coaching and for training on public appearances such as lectures, media interviews, talk shows or panel discussions

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In my video and leadership impulses, I pass on my many years of experience in future thinking. Receive valuable impulses as a younger manager based on my personal experience. Manageable, precise, motivating.

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"Congratulations on this great event. An indeed excellent speaker with an" exciting "agenda and challenging theses, statements and" guidelines "....". The discussion was exciting, exciting, multifaceted and from very different positions and perspectives carried!" 

— Ulrike Sailer
Rotary Club Hiddensee (Febuar 2023)

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