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Klaus-Ulrich calls himself Top-"Zeitgeist"-Speaker - a term that is German in origin and is being used in many languages without any appropriate translations. In his KeyNotes he covers phenomenons of the digital and global age: Populist movements, Articial vs. Human Intelligence, the wide-spread fear about the future, topics like political correctness or the consequences of being online all day long. His favourite KeyNote which summarizes his thousands of thoughts is titled "The New Digital Intelligence - how to survive in a world where we are no longer needed".


Klaus-Ulrich is Vice-European Champion in Public Speaking 2015 and is well known for his ability to deeply analyze our complex world as well as for his strategic skills. Combined with a long in-depth-management experience in global companies like Lufthansa German Airlines, Touristic Union International and PricewaterhouseCoopers he lives a vision: That we refocus on our human intelligence and our skills to reflect, to deeply analyze, to socialize and to use the power of being motivated - skills which will never be reached by artificial intelligence. His vision also encompasses the search for a new meaning of the human in this world where in some decades from now we will probably not be needed any more.

Create your own style of World Class Speaking

Besides of his own speaking engagements Klaus-Ulrich is helping others to improve their speaking & presentation skills. By analyzing hundreds of speeches, their structure, their timing and their messages he has developed a system of 12 principles, the so called "Oceanwave"-principles - the backbone for your speking success. Far away from boring individuals with stultifying rhetoric techniques he focuses on those 12 key principles in his coachings and trainings. This helps you to develop your personality by winning self-confidence, stability, clarity in mind and a stupendous energy to hold motivating speeches and presentations. For this high-level coaching Klaus-Ulrich can be booked by CEOs, diplomats, politicians, diplomats and all those who want to shape the future by with convincing and inspiring speeches in public.

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