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Here you find the KeyNote speeches of Klaus-Ulrich. You can dive into his visions, detect his way of thinking and grab some of them just for your audiences . His KeyNotes are legendary. Not a single speech will be similar to the next - it all depends on the audience, your vision and your specific challenge.

The New Digital Intelligence

How to survive in a world where we are no longer needed

Klaus-Ulrich speaks about the conflict between human and artificlal intelligence. In this Key Note he outlines the consequences of technological developments for our daily life - and shifts to the question what we actually do to increase our own human intelligence. What can we do to improve our behaviour? To get a better understanding of the world around us? To solve conflictes more peacefully? Artifical Intelligence is nothing to fear about - in case it is matched with an intelligent human way of acting. Klaus-Ulrich finally concludes that disrupting our todays behaviour is key to survive and not give up control to smart machines. His Key Note is absolutely singular in the market and a "must be heard".

The Eskimo-Challenge

Public opinion in times of Hatespeech & FakeNews - How we can save democracy.

In this speech Klaus-Ulrich deals with the challenges of public opinion building in times of Hatespeeches, FakeNews and "political correctness". Never before was the public debate  more heated, more insulting, more aggressive than today. The speaker outlines why this will become a permanent part of our democracy - he calls it Democracy 4.0. where a fifth power evolves being called "The Individuals". This fifth power expresses its views uncontrolled, globally, 24hours a day. Learn from Klaus-Ulrichs speech about a dramatic disruption of old-school public opinion building. The speaker claims for a new  approach to define roles and rules of this "fifth power". And he finally challenges his audience: Everybody must become committed and active - more than ever before.

The New Global Elite

How to act and lead in times of permanent uncertainty

In his third big KeyNote Klaus-Ulrich fights with the massive loss of trust in almost all institutions, organizations, parties, companies - all those ones who in past times made up the traditionel "Elite", the group of traditional decision makers. Are they out forever? Are they going to be substituted by young and smart designers and startups from the Silicon Valley? In all branches, in all industries? Or do they have a chance to survive, to revitalize themselves? This important KeyNote adresses top management audiences, politicians, diplomats and all those who suffer from a nearby feeling that their time might be over.

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