Top Speaker - Dr. Klaus-Ulrich Moeller

Visions need leaders. Leaders need charisma. Charisma needs us.

Klaus-Ulrich has gone his professional pathway with a deep conviction in mind: That we need charismatic leaders, charismatic people to implement change and give orientation. But who is charismatic? The Dalai Lama? Martin Luther King? Or is it the boys in the garages of the Silicon Valley who create and define our new way of living?

Audiences look for characters, for charismatic speakers. It`s not the facts that count but your     way of delivery, just your personality.

Klaus-Ulrich has a broad background of management experience. He was Chief Communication Officer (CCO) for more than 20 years at Lufthansa German Airlines, Touristic Union International and the global consultancy network of PricewaterhouseCoopers. He has worked with the Top Executives of many companies and has coached  dozens  of them in all questions regarding communication, speaking skills or stage performance. He is a "professional member" of the German Speakers Association (GSA) and can be called officially Vice-European-Champion of Public Speaking in 2015. He has earned the highest top-award "Distinguished Toastmaster" at Toastmasters International, the most widely recognized organization of its kind in speakers- & communication-trainings.



Every important step forward starts with 4 Yes: I know - I want - I can - I do.

Charismatic speakers create clarity and sudden understanding. They are trustful pathfinders through our worlds of jungles

Klaus-Ulrich is also around with his comedian-style program "Kant reloaded - nothing will be like tomorrow". Black humour, hidden messages, surprising turns - those are the ingredients of his stage performance. "I have discovered my talent for comedy and humour only over a long period of time", he explains", "and it was only because I was searching for the richness and width of expressing myself. And it allows you to view complex problems from a differet angle. This is extremely helpful when you have to analyze reality.". Find out more on his Webpage



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