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The Young Leaders Open stage is a public Stage-Night allowing young leaders to present themselves and their ideas  in front of a major and mostly unknown audience. With a speech not longer than 10 minutes they have a chance to talk about their visions, their concerns - and show todays audiences how the world at the day after tomorrow looks like. The combination of speaking- & communication skills with the chance to co-create the future early in the career by conveying a concise and inspiring message is the unique feature of this project:


Get more self-assurance

Win influence & recognition

Help shaping the future

Create your individual profile


Young leaders are invited to demonstrate that they are able to personally implement the four leadership skills of the agile and digital world: Reduce complexity, explain your values, inspire people and have a vision about how to create the world or the world around you.


Being coached for the performance during a power weekend-training, being mentored on topics, speech structure and dramaturgy on the stage - the young leaders experience an intensive learning process about their personal performance and their individual strenghts. They work on their personality, their profile, their career.  The Academy is looking for potential future leaders who believe that speaking & communication skills are crucial for their future development.


We advise Top Executives to invest in those people - since the weekend is also a unique opportunity to build high-level networks among the ten finalists who have qualified for the public showdown. The final round of stage speaking will take place in an adequate location with guests to attend being Top Executives who have a chance to listen for more than two hours to what the next generation has to convey.


Here we go with your benefits:


Benefit 1  - Deliver an important speech at a Public Stage   

Benefit 2  - Join us at a Power WE on the "Art of World Class Speaking"         

Benefit 3  - Grow by individual One-to-One Coachings & Mentorings 

Benefit 4  - Widen your relevant network             

Benefit 5  - Start shaping the world with your ideas       

Benefit 6  - Get instant publicity and build on your career


Although this Webpage is in English - mainly for the sake of reaching an international audience - at the beginning all events and speeches will be bilingual in German and in English depending on the audience.



The first Young Leaders OpenStage will take place June 10th, 2017

(Young Leaders PowerWeekend at May 6-8th at Baden-Baden, Germany.)


The 2. Young Leaders OpenStage will take place November 18th, 2017

(Young Leaders PowerWeekend at October 28th-30th at Baden-Baden, Germany.)


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